The Photos

All pictures by Tom and Johnny Franklin. To see pictures from a band click the name of the band and some of the pictures will appear. Click on a picture to make it larger. If you see a link for “More on” that means there are more pictures than we can show on this page. Click the more link and it will take you to more pictures or perhaps a story on the band! Clicking on the more link will also allow you to see each picture’s four digit file number which will help if you are interested in ordering or asking about a specific picture. To look at a different band simply click the name of the band that you previously selected to close it. Then click on the next one you would like to see. Check out our Mystery Bands page. This is a page of pictures by Tom Franklin of bands that he can’t identify. If you can tell us who it is we will send you a free print of the picture.
All pictures on this website are internet quality. To see them in full quality please attend one of our upcoming shows.

Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Blood, Sweat, and Tears played at the Coliseum for a New Years Eve concert in 68. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Blue Cheer

From Phoenix performances on 3-30-68 and again on 10-5-68 with their new lineup. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Buffalo Springfield

From their April 26th concert. Picture of Steven Stills with “A Closer Look” magazine taken by Johnny Franklin. Other photos by Tom Franklin.

Deep Purple

Deep Purple at the Exhibit Hall for the Teen Fair in Phoenix Arizona on November 1968. Photos by Tom Franklin. Thank you to Tonny Steenhagen of The Deep Purple Ticket Museum for your help with the names of the band members. Check out his site here.

Dodie Stevens

50’s and 60’s singing star Dodie Stevens. Photo by Johnny Franklin.


Donovan in concert and backstage at the Coliseum on 10-1-68 in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.



Pictures of Elvis in concert. Photos by Johnny Franklin.


Johnny Franklin took many pictures of Fabian. We may be adding to this page at a later date. Photos by Johnny Franklin.

Fats Domino

Pictures of Fats Domino and his band. If you know the names of the band members please contact us at! Photos by Johnny Franklin.

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa holding a copy of “A Closer Look” magazine. Photo by Johnny Franklin.

Freddie Cannon

Picture of Freddie Cannon by Johnny Franklin

Glen Campbell

Picture of Glen Campbell by Johnny Franklin

Hub Kapp & the Wheels

Hub Kapp and the Wheels was a made up band for the local children’s show the Wallace and Ladmo show. The problem was they were good. They were so good that they released a record and it sold so well that it attracted attention. The band got to perform on national television and was offered a major recording deal. Johnny was a big fan of the Wallace and Ladmo show. He’d often come to the studio while they were filming to watch and to take pictures. Photo by Johnny Franklin.

Illinois Speed Press

Illinois Speed Press in concert on New Years Eve in 68 at Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Iron Butterfly

Pictures of Iron Butterfly at their concert on 10-5-68 in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin

Jack Scott

Photo of Jack Scott by Johnny Franklin

Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane in concert on 5-24-68 at Coliseum in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Jerry Lee Lewis

Photo of Jerry Lee Lewis by Johnny Franklin.

Jimi Hendrix

Tom took pictures of Jimi at two different concerts. At this time we can only find these negatives. We are still searching the house for more. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt of the Stone Poneys

Mystery Bands

Tom took a lot of pictures in the 60′s and saw a lot of bands. Some of them were local Phoenix bands and some of them were world wide touring groups. When pictures get mixed up they are hard to identify, especially this many years later. Are you a 60′s buff? Can you help us? These are pictures of performers in the 60′s that we can’t identify. If you are able to correctly identify the person we will send you a 8 by 10 print of the picture for free. Contact us with your answers on

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline photo by Johnny Franklin. For more of Johnny’s pictures of Patsy check out his biography on the Tom and Johnny page located on the top menu bar.


Quicksilver Messenger Service

Quicksilver Messenger Service in concert on 8-17-68. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Robert Kennedy

Pictures of Robert Kennedy by Tom Franklin. 

Simon and Garfunkle

Simon and Garfunkle performing at the Coliseum in Phoenix Arizona on 8-22-68. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Sonny and Cher

Tom and John took pictures of Sonny and Cher during multiple events. They took pictures at performances, a fashion gig, shooting the movie “Chasity”, and at the KRIZ radio station and some of them were featured in the May 1968 edition of A Closer Look. Unfortunately at this time these three pictures are all we can find of them. We are still searching and hope to have more on the site in the future. All photos taken by Tom and John Franklin.


Steppenwolf at the New Years Eve Concert in 68 at the Coliseum in Phoenix Arizona. Currently the negatives we can find of Steppenwolf are just of the lead singer John Kay. Photos by Tom Franklin.


Ten Years After

Alvin Lee from the band Ten Years After holding a copy of A Closer Look magazine. Photo by Johnny Franklin

The Animals

Tom and John were able to take pictures of the Animals at their show on 3-30-68 with Blue Cheer. A Closer Look magazine reported that a crowd of 5000 teens attended the show. That show was the biggest dance that had ever been staged at the Exhibition building. It was called Happening #1. It was the first of a series of coming events that came to Phoenix under the sponsorship of James Pagni. Pictures from this show ended up in the very first “A Closer Look magazine”. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Byrds

The Byrds at the Coliseum in Phoenix Arizona in 1965. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Comfortable Chair

The Comfortable Chair. We actually have a lot of pictures of this band so if you are interested in seeing more just let us know at Photo by Tom Franklin.

The Doors

Tom and John Franklin attended a concert for The Doors on 2-17-68 and another on 11-7-68 and were able to interact with the band backstage. More pictures are on the way. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead performed at the Phx Star in Phoenix Arizona on 6-22-68.

The Kingsmen

One of our mystery bands has been solved! Thank you so much to Chris Simondet for identifying this band and providing the date. This shot is of Lynn Easton & The Kingsmen famous for their recording of “Louie, Louie”.  They opened for the Beach Boys concert in Phoenix Arizona on August 7, 1964.

The Lovin’ Spoonful

The Lovin’ Spoonful performing in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Mojo Men

The Mojo Men pictures by Tom Franklin.

The Monkees

Tom and John not only got to photograph The Monkees in concert, they got to hang out with them for a day. The two brothers went dirt biking with them out in the desert and went to a radio interview with them. All throughout this Tom and Johnny took pictures. They put these into a book which they sold alongside A Closer Look magazine. All photos by Tom and Johnny Franklin.

The Rolling Stones

These pictures were taken by Tom when he was just 15 years old from the concert on 11-30-65. Limo shots are of Mick Jagger and Arizona legend Pat McMahon. The other band members arrived in the bank truck for the concert. There are also stage shots at the concerts. Notice the officers there to keep everything peaceful. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Seeds

On stage and off stage pictures of The Seeds. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Spiders

The Spiders was a local Phoenix band that was fronted by lead singer Vincent Furnier. Vincent later changed his name to Alice Cooper. Photos by Tom Franklin.

The Standells

The Standells posing for a photo backstage and holding A Closer Look Magazine. Photo by Johnny Franklin.

The Turtles

A picture of The Turtles in concert which was then sent to them with a request for autographs.

The Who

The Who on stage on 8-17-68 in Phoenix Arizona. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night on stage and backstage at the Coliseum in Phoenix Arizona on 12-31-68. Photos by Tom Franklin.

Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson photo by Johnny Franklin.

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