Tom & Johnny Franklin Photography

Unframed Prints

Professional unframed prints of various bands, actors, and celebrities taken by photographers Tom Franklin and Johnny Franklin..
Sizes available include,

    • 8×10 which costs $105 with shipping
    • 11×14 which costs $355 with shipping
    • 20×20 which costs $615 with shipping and insurance
    • and 30×40 which costs $1000 with shipping and insurance

Add another $5 onto this if we are shipping outside the US.

We also have SHIRTS and POSTERS for you!

Our large prints are done on double weight fiber based printing paper with a pearl finish and use archival inks. Our medium and smaller prints are done on medium weight premium printing paper with a matte finish and also use archival inks. These are museum quality prints which should last for decades if properly cared for.
Please allow 7 to 10 days for printing and shipping.
Keep checking back with us for discounts on prints of the band of the month.

Big News! Starting on 11/18/2014- 12/25/2014 TJFranklinPhotography and Franklin Educational Distribution will be donating all money from photography sales to the Franklin Phonetic Primary School in Prescott Valley to help with their 8th grade trip.   Our house band “Turtle Kingdom” will be on AZ TV  Morning Scramble at 8:30 on Tuesday 11/18 in order to advertise the fundraiser. Thank you for your help and support! 

40% off all prints! 11/17/2014-12/25/2014!!! All proceeds will go to the Franklin Phonetic Primary School 8th graders as part of their fundraiser!