Welcome to the home of Tom and Johnny Franklin Photography featuring  pictures of rock stars, country stars, and other famous people taken by the Franklin brothers from the 1950′s, 60′s, and 70′s. .

Big News! Starting on 11/18/2014- 12/25/2014 TJFranklinPhotography and Franklin Educational Distribution will be donating all money from photography sales to the Franklin Phonetic Primary School in Prescott Valley to help with their 8th grade trip.  Check out The Store to help out! Our house band “Turtle Kingdom” will be on AZ TV  Morning Scramble at 8:30 on Tuesday 11/18 in order to advertise the fundraiser. Thank you for your help and support! 
We are currently having a gallery tour of 60’s rock photography called “Lighting the Fire”. There are no shows occurring at this time but we are in the process of scheduling more.
“Lighting the Fire” is only a small collection of the 60’s rock band pictures that we have. We also have country artists, jazz bands, and politicians, and movie stars. To see photos by Tom and Johnny Franklin click on The Photos. To buy photos click on The Store
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Tom and Johnny took so many pictures over the years and many of them got jumbled together. When that happens it’s hard to figure out who the picture is of years later. So we need your help! Check out our mystery bands and if you think you know who they are email us the picture number and your guess. If we find out you are right you will get a free print of the picture. Click here to see the mystery bands .
We finally have the shop set up so you can buy prints!!! We are currently selling photography prints, t-shirts and hand screened posters with the logo of our “Lighting the Fire” tour in our shop! Click here to shop in our shop.
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40% off all prints! 11/17/2014-12/25/2014!!! All proceeds will go to the Franklin Phonetic Primary School 8th graders as part of their fundraiser!